Florida Internet Law Attorneys and E-Commerce Lawyers

Many of Wallis & Wallis’ clients are web-based product or service e-commerce businesses including Internet, e-mail marketing, and advertising companies. Others augment their bricks and mortar businesses with a website, Internet marketing, and sales.

Wallis & Wallis’ attorneys are experienced in dealing with web, Internet and e-commerce matters. We can advise you on the laws and regulations that govern the Internet, e-commerce transactions, web advertising / marketing, disclosure, security, and privacy matters. We can also advise you on the impact that the Internet or computer fraud can have on your business and marketing ventures.

Internet Law Matters

Privacy Policies and Procedures
Florida Internet Law Attorneys – Wallis & Wallis, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale, FloridaInternet Advertising and Marketing
E-Mail Policies
The Can-Spam Act
Merchant Account Review and Disputes (including charge back issues)
Acquiring or Establishing a Web-based Business
Content Supply Agreements
Affiliate Agreement Negotiation and Preparation
Co-Branding Agreement Negotiation and Preparation
Content Licensing Agreement Negotiation and Preparation
Revenue Sharing Agreements for Internet Advertising
Trademark, Service Mark and Copyright matters
We can advise you regarding the guidelines and requirements for compliance with the Can-Spam Act and other regulations, as well as counsel you with the day-to-day matters facing an Internet / e-commerce business.

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