Florida Civil Litigation Attorneys and Commercial Litigation Lawyers

The experienced civil and commercial litigation lawyers at Wallis & Wallis, P.A. counsel and represent numerous clients in adversarial proceedings. We advise clients on the cost, duration, settlement, and possible results of civil litigation, alternative dispute proceedings, arbitration, or mediation.

When you are forced to defend against a claim, or choose to enforce your rights through litigation, the litigation attorneys at Wallis & Wallis, P.A. will zealously represent your interests.

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Civil and Commercial Litigation Matters

  • Breach of Contract
  • Insurance Disputes
    Breach of Fiduciary Duty
    Fraud & Corporate Fraud
    Piercing the Corporate Veil/De Facto Merger/ Alter Ego Matters
    Misuse of Corporate Entity
    Shareholder Disputes/Member Disputes
    Failure to Deliver
    Collections/Failure to Pay
    Failure to Disclose
    Asset Recovery
    Non-Compete Agreements / Confidentiality Agreements
    Trademark, Service Mark, Copyright Infringement
    Licensing Disputes
    Governmental Agency Orders, Demands and Claims and Disputes.
    Personal Injury
    Our goal is to help you address the legal matters that you and/or your business is facing as effectively as possible.