Florida Probate Lawyers and Estate Administration Attorneys — Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville

From law offices in Broward County (Pompano Beach) and Jacksonville, our attorneys assist families whose loved one has died with or without estate planning documents such as a will or trust. Probate is the legal procedure known as the “Administration” of a deceased person’s estate, either in accordance with the desires of the deceased person as expressed in his or her will; or in accordance with Florida Law if he or she did not have a will. When a person dies with certain assets in his or her name only, the assets must be probated to pass to the person’s heirs or beneficiaries.

Our probate attorneys are experienced in probate matters and can help probate a deceased person’s estate so that his or her estate is properly distributed to heirs, beneficiaries, personal representatives, executors, and other interested parties. Our goal is to help families and personal representatives (executors) navigate the probate process, locate and gather assets; pay creditors, and distribute remaining assets or property according to the will.

In the event a person dies without a will, which is called “intestate” or “intestacy”, Florida law determines who the heirs, beneficiaries are and other interested parties are; and how the estate is distributed.