Civil and Commerical Litigation Matters

Wallis & Wallis can assist with litigation in matters such as:

* Breach of Contract
* Other Contract Disputes
* Insurance Disputes
* Breach of Fiduciary Duty
* Fraud & Corporate Fraud
* Piercing the Corporate Veil/De Facto Merger/ Alter Ego Matters
* Misuse of Corporate Entity
* Shareholder Disputes/Member Disputes
* Foreclosure Defense
* Condo and HOA Rule Enforcement
* Failure to Deliver
* Collections/Failure to Pay
* Failure to Disclose
* Asset Recovery
* Non-Compete Agreements / Confidentiality Agreements
* Trademark, Service Mark, Copyright Infringement
* Licensing Disputes
* Governmental Agency Orders, Demands and Claims and Disputes
* Real Property Disputes
* Collections
* Foreclosures
* Personal Injury

Peter E.S. Wallis counsels and represents numerous clients in adversarial proceedings. We advise clients on the cost, duration, settlement, and possible results of civil litigation, alternative dispute proceedings, arbitration, or mediation. When you are forced to defend against a claim, or choose to enforce your rights through litigation, he will zealously represent your interests.

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Condo And Homeowners Association Legal Matters

Peter E.S. Wallis is an experienced Condo/HOA attorney and can advise and assist associations and owners in areas such as:

* Business and Management Issues
* Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules Review and Opinion Letters
* Vendor and Contract Concerns and Negotiations
* Covenant Enforcement
* Dissolution and Audits
* Delinquent Maintenance and Assessment Collections
* Foreclosures
* Dispute Resolution and Litigation
* Collections

Peter E.S. Wallis is experienced in representing condominium boards, condo associations, homeowners associations, and management companies in a wide variety of legal matters. Condominium and homeowners associations (HOAs) are actually non-profit corporations made up of individual owners, who have both property rights and community obligations. These small business entities face complex legal issues in conducting day-to-day business, and they require close management to achieve the greatest benefit for all owners.

He will assist in defending the rights and enforcing the obligations of the associations and their owners; provide legal counsel regarding Florida’s changing condo and HOA statues; and can provide legal opinions on a specific condo or HOA’a governing documents.

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Florida Personal Injury Attorneys

If you have been in an auto accident or suffered personal injury resulting in medical bills, insurance claims, loss of wages or income, and/or pain and suffering, Wallis & Wallis offers a free consultation to counsel you on seeking redress. We identify potential liable parties and strategies, and advise on the process and likely outcome of available legal action. Peter E.S. Wallis is experienced in negotiating settlements with insurance companies and liable parties and litigating personal injury claims.

Peter E.S. Wallis represents injured parties and their chiropractors, doctors and other medical service providers. He assists our medical service providers in collecting on PIP claims and insures they receive their fair and appropriate portion of settlement funds.

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