Florida Condominium Law Attorneys and Homeowners Association Lawyers

At Wallis & Wallis, P.A., our condominium law attorneys are experienced in representing condominium boards and associations, homeowner associations and management companies in a wide variety of legal matters. Condominium and homeowner associations are small businesses made up of individual owners with both property rights and community obligations. At Wallis & Wallis, P.A., we work to defend the rights and enforce the obligations of both the communities and their owners. We provide legal counsel regarding Florida’s condo statute, and your communities condo/HOA declaration, by-laws and rules.

Contact a Condo Law Attorney at our firm today at 954-941-9005 to discuss your community’s legal interests, issues, and requirements.
Condo and Homeowner Association Legal Matters

Delinquent Maintenance and Assessment Collections
Covenant enforcement
Declaration, Bylaws, and rules review and opinion letters
business and management issues
Vendor & Contract Concerns and Negotiations
Dissolution and Audits
We offer legal counseling to boards of directors and managers, guiding associations through contract reviews, and interpretation of relevant statutes and community documents that govern the association. When an owner has abused common areas or otherwise infringed on residents’ rights, Wallis & Wallis, P.A., is available to protect the rights of the community. Should an owner become delinquent in making prompt payment of maintenance or special assessments, we can commence collections activities or initiate foreclosure proceedings.

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Florida Internet Law Attorneys and E-Commerce Lawyers

Many of Wallis & Wallis’ clients are web-based product or service e-commerce businesses including Internet, e-mail marketing, and advertising companies. Others augment their bricks and mortar businesses with a website, Internet marketing, and sales.

Wallis & Wallis’ attorneys are experienced in dealing with web, Internet and e-commerce matters. We can advise you on the laws and regulations that govern the Internet, e-commerce transactions, web advertising / marketing, disclosure, security, and privacy matters. We can also advise you on the impact that the Internet or computer fraud can have on your business and marketing ventures.

Internet Law Matters

Privacy Policies and Procedures
Florida Internet Law Attorneys – Wallis & Wallis, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale, FloridaInternet Advertising and Marketing
E-Mail Policies
The Can-Spam Act
Merchant Account Review and Disputes (including charge back issues)
Acquiring or Establishing a Web-based Business
Content Supply Agreements
Affiliate Agreement Negotiation and Preparation
Co-Branding Agreement Negotiation and Preparation
Content Licensing Agreement Negotiation and Preparation
Revenue Sharing Agreements for Internet Advertising
Trademark, Service Mark and Copyright matters
We can advise you regarding the guidelines and requirements for compliance with the Can-Spam Act and other regulations, as well as counsel you with the day-to-day matters facing an Internet / e-commerce business.

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Florida Real Estate Lawyers and Real Property Attorneys

One of the most important investments you or your business will make is real property. Our real estate lawyers can guide you through the entire process of your real estate transaction. Whether a commercial or residential sale or purchase, attorney Joan Martino Wallis can prepare and review your contract, sale and purchase agreement, and your brokers agreements. She can assist in clearing title, securing title insurance, closing on the sale and purchase, and perhaps most importantly, ensuring you understand your rights, obligations and the costs associated with your real property transaction.

From the preparation of the purchase and sale agreement through closing, Wallis & Wallis, P.A. provides commercial real estate buyers and sellers with full-service representation.

Contact a real estate lawyer at Wallis & Wallis, P.A. today to schedule a consultation.

Real Estate Legal Matters

FL Real Property Attorneys – Wallis and Wallis PAMortgage Law
Condo and Homeowners Association Issues
Preparation of Sale and Purchase Agreements
Escrow, Title, and Closing Services
Title Insurance
Title Matters including Clouds on Title
Foreclosure Matters
Disputes over Purchase and Sale Contracts and Deposits
Although it is not a legal requirement in the State of Florida to have an attorney involved in real estate transactions, it is widely acknowledged that protecting your best interest in transacting real property is served by employing the services of an attorney. Wallis & Wallis, P.A. offers Floridians knowledgeable, reliable, and professional real property and title services. Should any problems arise during the transaction, Wallis & Wallis, P.A. will be there to represent you and protect your interests.

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Florida Civil Litigation Attorneys and Commercial Litigation Lawyers

The experienced civil and commercial litigation lawyers at Wallis & Wallis, P.A. counsel and represent numerous clients in adversarial proceedings. We advise clients on the cost, duration, settlement, and possible results of civil litigation, alternative dispute proceedings, arbitration, or mediation.

When you are forced to defend against a claim, or choose to enforce your rights through litigation, the litigation attorneys at Wallis & Wallis, P.A. will zealously represent your interests.

To discuss your legal questions and your dispute resolution options, contact our civil and commercial litigation lawyers today at today at 954-941-9005 or fill out our Litigation Intake Form.

Civil and Commercial Litigation Matters

  • Breach of Contract
  • Insurance Disputes
    Breach of Fiduciary Duty
    Fraud & Corporate Fraud
    Piercing the Corporate Veil/De Facto Merger/ Alter Ego Matters
    Misuse of Corporate Entity
    Shareholder Disputes/Member Disputes
    Failure to Deliver
    Collections/Failure to Pay
    Failure to Disclose
    Asset Recovery
    Non-Compete Agreements / Confidentiality Agreements
    Trademark, Service Mark, Copyright Infringement
    Licensing Disputes
    Governmental Agency Orders, Demands and Claims and Disputes.
    Personal Injury
    Our goal is to help you address the legal matters that you and/or your business is facing as effectively as possible.
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Law firm of Wallis & Wallis

The law firm of Wallis & Wallis is located in Pompano Beach, Florida. We represent client matters throughout Broward County and the State of Florida with clients coming from as close as the Fort Lauderdale area and as far away as Hong Kong and Europe. Wallis & Wallis clients are typically businesses, corporations (non-profit and for-profit), limited liability companies (LLC), partnerships, and entrepreneurs; and we offer a dedicated condominium and homeowner association practice. Wallis & Wallis is also a full service real property law firm with title and escrow services. We provide our clients with counseling and legal advice and services geared to each client’s specific requirements. Whether your interests are business, community association matters, or real estate and title requirements, Wallis & Wallis will represent your interests professionally.

In the area of strategic business planning and execution, Wallis & Wallis provides guidance and counseling on: business structuring, formation and transactions; contracts and agreements; asset and business purchase and sale; due diligence; mergers and acquisitions; risk management; UCC matters; regulatory compliance; insurance claim negotiation and settlement; web content licensing; e-commerce; unfair competition; business interference; and copyright, trademark, and service mark protection and enforcement. In the event you have delivered goods or services under agreement but have not received payment, Wallis & Wallis provides contract enforcement and collections services.

Each condominium association and each homeowners association is a unique business with discrete needs and requirements. Wallis & Wallis understands this and unlike many firms practicing community association law, we recognize the distinctness of each association and seek to provide individualized counseling that only a boutique firm can. Wallis & Wallis guides associations and individual owners through the edicts of association covenants, bylaws, and rules as well as the statutory requirements found in Chapters 718 and 720. We handle rule enforcement and delinquent assessment foreclosures, and inasmuch as community associations are corporations, our business experience is invaluable in counseling communities on a myriad of matters affecting association business.

One of the most important investments you will make is in real property. Whether you are a business or individual investing in commercial or residential property deals or an individual buying a home for your family, you will want the process of transacting real property to be handled professionally. Wallis & Wallis provides you with representation from the preparation of the purchase and sale agreement through closing with full title and escrow services. And should any problems arise during the transaction, Wallis & Wallis will be there to represent you and protect your interests. Although it is not a legal requirement in the State of Florida to have an attorney involved in real estate transactions, it is widely acknowledged that protecting your best interest in transacting real property is served by employing the services of an attorney, and Wallis & Wallis affords you with professional services in your real property and title matters.

Our skilled lawyers pride themselves on providing our clients with prompt personal attention in dealing with their legal needs. At Wallis & Wallis communication and attention to client needs are our primary concern.

What sets Wallis & Wallis apart from other firms is that our attorneys provide our clients with the best of both worlds: corporate experience along with boutique law firm creativity. As a Wallis & Wallis client, you can expect personal attention from your attorney. Wallis & Wallis clients receive an honest appraisal of their matters and appreciate our forthright manner of explaining options and discussing strategies and tactics. The Wallis & Wallis combination of entrepreneurial philosophy, real world business experience, old-fashioned legal ethics, and common sense serve to benefit our client’s interests.

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